A VISION: 2014 - 2016

Team Triad was founded on April 11th 2014 as "Team Rox" by the merging of three separate groups, "Ciarán's Universe"; a website documenting it's founder, "The Gboy Crew"; a small group of game developers & "Yellowware"; a non-profit software developer. The three adolescent founders of each of these groups would come to be the founders of Team Triad, with their respective colours still in the Team Triad logo to this day.

Team Triad at it's founding was a non-profit software/game development group, with it's first project being called "Blurp" It was meant to be a VIOP (Voice over Internet Protocol) software, however it was ditched in the conceptual stage, and new projects would arise, such as the "Dark Realms" series which was an series of infamously terrible RPG games featuring members of Team Triad as characters in the game. Many projects conceived in this era would never see the light of day as the Team at that stage; were just inexperienced children.

Despite no projects from this era being successful, there was hope for what Team Triad could be able to do in the future, as well as in July 2015, an event called "T3 2015" (a parody of E3) began in which showcased many projects of the time such as fangames, software...ect.

a renewed hope 2016 - 2018

Team Triad was inactive for a long time, considering it's previous failures a lot of people had lost hope that Team Triad could achieve anything. Then on the 19th May 2016 Team Triad had created it's very own Discord server which along with new members, brought a new interest. Projects around this time consisted of: "Gamejolt: Lost Love" a visual novel where you play as an employee for a game hosting website and you fall in love with another one of the employees, "Jarikoui Unleashed" a turn based RPG where you collect and combine orbs with their own abilities to create new power combinations & "Indie Critics" a Youtube Show where CiaranPixelz and PalodiaPrime would review games in a unique way.

During 2017, Team Triad held "T3 2017" it's second event since "T3 2015" during this event many new projects were announced as well as the departure of one of Team Triad's founders, Allen stepped down. During this time, Team Triad had a presidential system in which there was 3 presidents, to represent the 3 founders. Each president would be voted by the members of the Team Triad discord server and they would act as the figureheads for the community while also playing an important role within Team Triad.

However, this presidential system would later come back to bite us in the behind, as votes became rigged, false rumours would arise with the sole goal of getting a president "impeached" and so on. To prevent the presidential roles from going to a rigged victor, a secret council was formed, populated by the most important people in Team Triad. But it wasn't enough, as one day a fight broke out between two of the presidents and the Team Rox discord server would be deleted, only a few days from the new year...

A STAR BEBORN 2018 - 2020 (WIP)

With the end of Team Rox and the beginning of the new Team Triad, there was a lot of instability within the community during this time. The presidential system would be removed completely and replaced by the secret council, now just the council. During the rebuilding of Team Triad, many of the communities regulars were put into the council to help with rebuilding.