2019 Valentines Day Art Contest Winners!

Posted 23rd February 2019 by Ciarán Dakin-Watson

Happy Valentines Everyone, at Team Triad, we decided to have another art contest!

1st Place: Funk

"I wanted to pay tribute to the classics found on 4chan so I knew the valentines thing was perfect for this. I tried to stay true to all the ideas/memes used so i kept it simplistic and tried to make the greentext look accurate. The valentines thing with suicidal undertones is kinda common on 4chan. This is my submission." - Funk

This is the winning entry to our valentines art contest, and I can see why, the piece tells a story and one that might feel really close to home for some.

2nd Place: Mega

"when u lonely" - Mega

This goes for the retro pixel style, yet it still shows the struggle of being lonely on Valentines.

3rd Place; Danielle Y.

"I drew a little love witch wishing a happy post-valentines to the majority celibates of Team Triad." - Danielle Y.

We all need some love, and this piece gives you that love through a "little love witch"