2021 "Fun in the Sun" Art Contest Winners!

Posted 1st July 2021 by Ciarán Dakin-Watson

Hey all! yesterday the contest ended, but today the results for the contest will become clear. As the contest states, I've gathered five non-participating judges to judge each and every eat piece on a scale of 1 - 10, and their ratings will be added together to make a final score.

So, introducing our lovely judges: @Ciarán, @flomino, @Crog, @Forrest & @xXx_$W4G4L1C10U$_G4M1NG_117_xXx

Now, we'll start from the lowest scores and make our way up to the highest scores! Stay tuned for the results:

with a final score of 17/50!

In 6th Place... @★★★the death of comedy★★★

"Very literal, but it looks like the shadow cast from the sun was the biggest effort." says one of the judges

"It’s just the word fun on a beach. Not too terrible creative" says another one of the judges

"*bonk*" says a third judge

with a final score of 24/50!

In 5th Place... @John Parker 117

"I like the fact this takes the theme and does something new and unexpected with it, playing on the fact that the Japanese flag depicted is called "Rising Sun"" says one of the judges

"Yeah that’s about what I expected you would create, lol." says another judge

"Jesus fucking Christ John" says a third judge

with a final score of 39/50!

In 4th Place... @Vincent

"A nice figure of a person wearing a blue bikini, not to mention a simple, yet effective background." says one of the judges

"The art style is phenomenal! The yellow background contradicts the light blue colouring of the hair by the top, but overall looks very good!" says another judge

"A smooth and stylish piece. I like the contrast between the blue parts and warm background." says a third judge

with a final score of 40/50!

In 3rd Place... @Mikufuteka

"I like the general art style,I find the lack of outlines to be very distinctive and looks great!" says one of the judges

"The art is just very very good. I don’t know what else to add to be honest. All though I am curious as to why the sun is some girls head. Anyway, the art just looks great. I don’t know what any of the characters are from though, if they are from anything" says another judge

"The art for this looks really good! Some anatomical errors but overall looks really good! I like the sun btw" says a third judge

"It’s well drawn, and it fits the theme really well" says a fourth judge

"Making a full scene with a bunch of characters is very ambitious yet you did it incredibly well! Love it." says a fifth judge

with a final score of 40/50!

In 2nd Place... @Tsukino

"A collage is a unique way to present your entry and the end result looks great!" says one of the judges

"I love the idea of multiple pictures, but I feel that only 1 or 2 show fun in the sun." says another one of the judges

"God damn it Swaggy Bro." says another judge, I wonder who that could be cough cough tyler.

"Another amazingly well done piece. I especially like the concept and idea behind this one, with the photos and all. It’s like a picture gallery or book from someone’s fun summer times. It reminds me of when I went to summer camp and we’d get these books at the end and they’d have a bunch of photos in them. This art piece brings back good memories." says a fourth judge

"This really goes out and beyond, a piece that puts one's entire summer into retrospect, many moments captured as i'm sure time it took to draw this, 10/10." says a fifth judge

with a final score of 42/50!

In 1st Place & THE WINNER @Sen

"I don't know whether this was intentional or not but this piece feels like it was taken on a camera with the background being blurry as if the camera was out of focus, and so this piece really has it's own thing going for itself and I like it!" says of the judges

"Yet another very well done piece. Again, I don’t know the character, but it looks good. There isn’t much else for me to add on. (Also Bud Light beer is horrible imo, but then again I do think all beer is gross.)" says another judge

"The Water effects look a little weird, but all in all this piece is absolutely fucking beautiful. The character kind of looks like Prince Zuko from Avatar too" says a third judge

"Very well made, and has a good summertime feeling to it" says a fourth judge

"Drawn super well and the lighting is very pretty. The water almost looks magical, it’s cool." says a fifth judge

Final Conclusion:

I was a little ambitious when beginning this contest, but I think we've seen some seriously good submissions this time around and I'm happy to say that this contest shows a real good demonstration of effort and talent and I thank everyone who has participated! have a happy summer!!!!