2021 Valentines Day "Glitch" Art Contest Winners!

Posted 22nd February 2021 by Ciarán Dakin-Watson

Hey all! Yesterday the contest ended, but today the results for the contest will become clear. As the contest states, I've gathered five non-participating judges to judge each and every eat piece on a scale of 1 - 10, and their ratings will be added together to make a final score. So,

introducing our lovely judges: @CiaránPixelz, @flomino, @Crog, @eevee & @John Parker 117

Now, we'll start from the lowest scores and make our way up to the highest scores! Stay tuned for the results:

with a score of 19/50!

In 9th Place... @Mo0

"There wasn't a lot of work put into it." says one of the judges.

This submission was not actually an image but rather a video, if you would like to see the video you can click here.

with a score of 20/50!

In 8th Place... @Thistle

"Life-changing. A masterpiece, no doubt." says one of the judges.

with a score of 25/50!

In 7th Place... @Joshua Paul Hansen

"*Incomphrehensiable Laughing*" responded one of the judges

"Clever and persuasive. The rosy cheeks are a nice touch." says one of the judges

with a score of 26/50!

In 6th Place... @★★★the death of comedy★★★

"Terrifying creature takes your heart literally, redefines valentines." says one of the judges

"I understand what they were going for, but there could have been a little more to follow through with the hand on the heart." says another one of the judges

with a score of 29/50!

In 5th Place... @Orange

"Good effort went into this and it has a positive message that we can all listen to." says one of the judges

"It is very well made and it does have a nice positive message, but I'm shocked by the lack of clothes" says another judge

with a score of 34/50!

In 4th Place... @envy

"I like it, the red background and the two people kissing, very romantic." says one of the judges

"It's a very well drawn picture, the color scheme really does fit valentines day, and it's very romantic" says another one of the judges

"It's really good, but I think there could be a little more shading put into it" says a third judge.

with a score of 42/50!

In 3rd Place... @Ant

"I love this so much! it includes our retired mascot, Roxanne! super cute!" says one of the judges

"It's a very well made drawing, and while it doesn't fit the theme well, it gets bonus points for having Roxanne in it." says another one of the judges

"Love it! Super cute, fun to see the server mascot." says a third judge

"This one's really cute, I really really like it." says a fourth judge

"Would be nice with some text but overall its drawn well" says the fifth judge

Their Prize: 5 Random Steam Keys (Alternatively, $5)

with a score of 43/50!

In 2nd Place... @Tsukino

"Sometimes life does really feel like an error. and i'm sure this person also feels like something is wrong." says one of the judges

"It's very well made, and it fits the theme of glitch very, very well, I enjoy the creature's appearance as well." says another one of the judges

"This one feels like there's a cool story behind it. Interesting!" says a third judge

"That's nice, I definitely think the glitch in the eye was a nice touch, and the errors in the background" says a fourth judge

"This is what I look like when I valentines day" says the fifth judge

Their Prize: Discord Nitro for 1 month. (Alternatively, $10)

with a score of 46/50!

In 1st Place AND THE WINNER; @Ashley

"Valentines is associated with love and couples, but for some of us, this art piece is our valentines." says one of the judges

"It fits both themes of valentines and glitch, and it can give a sadly realistic view on valentines day." says another one of the judges

"A unique take on the theme, and well-executed." says a third judge

"It kinda looks like me, I think it looks really good." says a fourth judge

"as the only one that's valentines and a glitch I am obliged to give this a 10" says the fifth judge

Her Prize: Winner can choose any game worth $10 - $15 (Alternatively, you can receive $15 on it's own)

Final Conclusion:

We've gotten many great submissions for this art contest, and it was so hard for our judges to vote for which ones were best, but even if you didn't win anything it's not about the prizes, it's about creation itself. don't let your results discourage you from furthering your creative skills I love all of you guys!

I hope that even if you didn't have a valentine, that you all had a happy valentines day, and I'm looking forward to future art contests! I mean... Easter is coming up preeetty soon.