2022 Team Triad 8 Years Art Contest

Posted 15th May 2022 by Ciarán Dakin-Watson

This art contest was absolutely insane, it's been a while since we last did an art contest and I had thought at the time that maybe we weren't cut out to do them anymore, but you guys proved me wrong and that is why we WILL do more art contests in the future! Now as you all know Team Triad turned 8 last month but what isn't known is that eight is my FAVOURITE number... anyways folks with that out of the way I'd like to introduce to you OUR LOVELY AND AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC JUDGES!!! (and Crog):

@CiaránPixelz, @Crog, @Skyler, @John Parker 117 & @Francey

Now, we'll start from the lowest scores and make our way up to the highest scores! Stay tuned for the results...

with a final score of 19/50!

In 6th Place... @DrPickle

"Minimal effort went into this. Kudos for the table and cake though." says one of the judges.

"It feels like little effort was put into it. But it’s still kind sweet I think?" says another one of the judges.

"I enjoy the concept, it’s fun and fresh. I wish it was a little bit more consistent in art style but I like how it’s simple and humorous at the same time." says a third judge.

with a final score of 32/50!

In 5th Place... @Eevee

"Very elegant take on Trillian." says one of the judges.

"I like that effort went into this and that Trillian is getting drawn; but personally I don't like the art style that much..." says another one of the judges.

"Love how this one's hand drawn and with a cool pose Trillian is doing. I think some more vibrant colours would’ve made it stand put a bit more but I like how unique it is." says a third judge.

with a final score of 36/50!

(Although I didn't allow myself to judge this one so we got YOU guys to judge it in my place!!!)

In 4th Place... @CiaránPixelz

"I love the pixel art aesthetic and the attention to detail. It’s a really fun and vibrant piece of art." says one of the judges.

"Never thought that Trillian would be translated to pixels so well! Kudos for managing to make the pigtails wavy!" says another one of the judges.

"Unique in the fact its pixel art, scary in the fact it's in a Chibi art style" says a third judge.

with a final score of 38/50!

In 3rd Place... @AppleCider

"I love everything about this, from utilising both our current mascot Trillian and our old beloved mascot, Roxanne and also how the colours on the candles are of the Team Triad colours!!!" says a judge.

"I love the inclusion of Roxanne, and I think both her and Trillian are drawn well" says another judge.

"fits the theme perfectly! Loved how the old mascot was also incorporated showing how the group has changed since Team Rox" says a third judge.

"I love the use of colour and the cute art style. I think more could’ve been done to the background to make it a bit more dynamic. I love the expressions!" says a fourth judge.

"I like the facial expressions" says a fifth judge.

with a final score of 39/50!

In 2nd Place... @TheLovingJevil

"I love how you managed to make Trillian and Ciaran look animated and full of life in an art style which can come across as flat. I also like the pose selected and the contrast with the people and the background being a washed out shade of the bright clothes." says of the judges.

"Art style is cute as well as the fact that Ciarán is holding our beloved girl" says another judge.

"This is pretty cool, it's a cute drawing of Trillian being held by Ciarán, but I feel like there's more to be desired from the background as it takes up a large portion of the art..." says a third judge .

"I like the colours of triad being the background, and I like Trillian’s almost smug expression" says a fourth judge.

"Simple art style, makes Trillian look her age which is good" says a fifth judge.

with a final score of 44/50!

In 1st Place & THE WINNER @Bitchboy

"I love the colours, texture, and art style going on. I feel like incorporating more yellow would’ve made a better contrast between Trillian and the background. Your art style is really enjoyable." says one the judges.

"I love the style of this piece. It’s very high quality and looks like a good amount of effort was put into it" says another one of the judges.

"Very unique style! Trillian looks fantastic!" says a third judge.

"Very good shading" says a fourth judge.

"I LOVE THIS; Everything from the glowing silhouette, the pose, Trillian's wavy dark hair, the cute expression on her face, the way she makes a triangle around her eye, just like the logo!!! I think a lot of effort went into this and apart from that I'll be honest I'm in love with the art style!!!" says a fifth judge.


I'll be the first to admit I was getting rather nervous towards the end of the contest with the lack of submissions, although I did expect this since unlike our previous themes this one isn't honestly that welcome to outsiders of Team Triad, either way; you all shocked me with your amazing pieces of art; and I'm really excited to see what the future holds for Team Triad and this server; Triad Creative!!! Now, I'll be contacting our winners shortly so that they may receive their prize.