8 Years of Team Triad

Posted 11th April 2022 by Ciarán Dakin-Watson

April 11th 2014; it was on this day when the three groups joined together and created Team Triad, it was on this day the three founders; CiaránPixelz, GboyPalodia & yellowwinner made the skype groups that would evolve years later into a thriving discord server with it's own community and culture, it is on this day; 8 years ago that the foundations of Team Triad were first planted.

Now, I know we haven't exactly done much amazing things in those 8 years, but I find it's amazing just for the fact that such a lovely community could form and that people can generally consider this place as their home. Team Triad was not always called Team Triad, originally it was created as Team Rox; which "Rox" itself was a reference to a short lived Minecraft series called "An Intro to the Creeper Bros" that existed on my channel in late 2013, in this series we called Iron "Rox" much like how at the time; popular YouTuber SkyDoesMinecraft called gold "budder" I haven't actually told anyone this but the origin of "Rox" was actually from Moshi Monsters I'm really glad we changed the name since then, but considering I founded Team Triad only 4 days before my 11th birthday back in 2014 it's understandable we have a lot of cringeworthy stories over the years.

Team Triad has changed purpose and identity over the years, it started as a software/game development group but with the invention of discord it became greater than that, it became the home of my friend group and it would blossom it's own community with inside jokes to celebrate 8 years of this server existing, we will be hosting events tonight on April 11th.

To celebrate this occasion, from today to the 11th of May; we are celebrating Team Triad's birthday with an art contest; more details on the discord server.