Cursed Summer At Contest Winners!

Posted 1st August 2019 by Ciarán Dakin-Watson

Howdy my fellow friends, this week we've had a real fun art contest, but as usual the contest has come to an end and it's now time that we can finally see the winning submissions!!!

1st Place; Nymph

This to be the winning art piece is cursed within itself, it seems that a big baby resembling the boomer from Left for Dead 2 is eating you, but before you tell me that this isn't an art piece in itself, you've be wrong as of course, you can see the sun is granting us, happy summer.

2nd Place; Cacto

As you can see in this piece, a man is walking in a beach, but oh no, it seems that he's eaten too much radioactive donuts and is now fading from existence!!!

3rd Place; Tired Child

This blue haired person, seems to be collector of masks (or maybe faces!!!) and I know if I definitely saw someone coming to rip my face off my face, I'd call it cursed!!!

Thank you everyone for your submissions!!!