Introducing Triad Creators!

Posted 29th August 2021 by Ciarán Dakin-Watson

What is “Triad Creators?”

“Triad Creators” is a program of selected content creators who will have their content shared and pinged on the Team Triad discord server, home to hundreds of creative people and gamers who might be interested in it, allowing your content to be discovered by a new community of people and other content creators including their fans.

This alone might not sound too beneficial, but as we grow larger and larger it benefits all parties involved, as a “Triad Creator” you have little obligations to the title, you do not have to identify as a Triad Creator nor does it prevent you from joining groups (streamer/youtuber groups), All we ask is that somewhere you either link the Triad Creators discord channel ( mentioning it’s a good way to find other content creators while helping your channel out, or on your own discord server, make an announcement channel that will automatically post from the triad creators channel.

How does it benefit all parties involved?

Since all Triad Creators will bring traffic to the Triad Creator channel on the Team Triad server, since your content will be located on there, you’ll be introducing brand new communities and people to your content and every time a new person joins Triad Creators you will benefit to their joining as a percentage of people from that content creator’s fanbase and regulars will find out about Triad Creators through their creator and then find out about your content!

If this all goes to plan, then Triad Creators will get consistent growth and while we’ll probably eventually heighten our requirements, those who joined before will benefit significant from the increased traffic, Team Triad already has a pre-established community those interested in video games, art and creativity, so even if Triad Creators doesn’t take off as planned you’ll still get some traffic and people discovering your content.

I’m already part of a group, does that mean I cannot join?

Triad Creators is not a “streamer/youtuber group” to say, but rather a partnership, We do not exclude those who are already in groups because we do not consider ourselves to simply be a group. However that doesn’t prevent you from doing collabs with those in Triad Creators if you want too. If you are a part of a streamer or youtuber group, we actually encourage you to join since it will also benefit you, and by extension send more traffic over to your group.


If you're a content creator and you join Triad Creators we'll advertise your videos on this server and by extension to the communities of other content creators.

How do I apply?

You can apply to join Triad Creators and get the role @Triad Creators by taking this form:


1. You have pre-established social media in which you create video/audio content on a regular basis.

2. You do not make politically sensitive or discriminatory content (Racism, Sexism, Homophobic, Extreme Views...ect)

3. Your content does not violate the TOS (Terms of Service) of the platform it’s on.

4. Your content must be good quality and serve a purpose (entertainment, educational..ect) (We’ll review your content to determine if it’s good quality or not)

Requirements are subject to change as we grow and it will most likely get harder and harder to get into Triad Creators, however those in the group now will not be kicked out when those standards get higher, as long as you don’t violate important rules.

More Information will come out soon regarding this all, since we're very new, many things are subject to change.