The End of 2017

Posted 15th January 2018 by Danielle Y.

Welcome to the Team Rox News article! we have much to talk about, so let's get down to business!

Since 2017 has come to a close, it seems appropriate to talk about all the important things that have happened to Team Rox in it. One of the most important that happened in 2017 to Team Rox is that a presidential election had been held! Results of the election came with Ciarán being re-elected as president with the second-most votes, and Danielle becoming the newcomer president, holding the highest amount of votes.

Another important thing that has happened to Team Rox was Palodia being taken down from his presidential spot due to lack of activity before the elections. He had taken this without expressing many hard feelings. Team Rox had also welcomed many new members throughout 2017 and had removed many 'naughty' members in order to make Team Rox a safe space.

Team Rox President Ciaran has also begun to develop a new animation series, dubbed Team Rox the Badly Animated Series. The series will feature comedic depictions of Team Rox members doing exaggerated things and many bad drawings. Keep an eye out for it on Ciarán's channel, CiaránPixelz Also, Team Rox member 'Anthonyme00's games had been featured on Markiplier's channel for a total of two times! Markiplier is a famous YouTube star, known for playing video games with a comedic tone, and has recently started to expand into other genres. Markiplier's channel currently hones over 19 million subscribers, so this is definitely a huge honor! Sadly, early in the year special weekdays, like Cinema Saturday, had stopped being celebrated. The Team Rox staff found that, while they were fun, not enough people were participating in them, and not many people wanted to join them. On a happier note, Team Rox had struck many partnerships in 2017! Many servers with over 100 members have joined hands with us. These servers include; Mason Nation, The Chill Corner, Chill Republic, and Bast and the Sky Shards! We are very happy to now be arm in arm with these powerful servers, which have definitely helped Team Rox grow. Overall, we are very happy with the shape that Team Rox has come out on when crossing the bridge into 2018. We hope to continue to grow, change, and become safer. Now that was the summary of Team Rox in 2017. Keep an eye out for new Team Rox News Articles! - Danielle Y.