The End of 2018

Posted 1st January 2019 by Danielle Y.

We've come again to the closing time of the year- the time when we must summarize everything that happened in the year past, good or bad. I must admit- 2018 has been a rough year for Team Rox, or how it's now known, Team Triad.

Let's start bright. In March, we adopted our mascot, Roxane! Her adorable depictions were drawn by a former Team Triad member with the moniker of Gabby. The mascot has now been renamed Trinity. February to June was a dark period. The War Against Welton- as current Team Triad members refer to it- was a petty fight. One which shouldn't have been fought in the first place. To get a more in depth description on the 'war', please refer to the article dubbed "Watch Out For WeltonTEP", which can also be found on this website.

All throughout the year there were many presidential switches- so many that the very idea of presidents on the server just became tedious. That is why we have implemented the council system to replace the presidential system. The council is elected by the citizens of the Team Rox server. To find out who is on the council, please refer to our People page. We also have one Triad (for now)- who works a bit like a king, while the council works as the parliament. Only the Triad, Ciaran, (for now) has the power to delete the server.

While we're on the topic of server deletion, allow me to explain why we've rebranded. Most simply, a petty fight was started between Ciaran and a former Team Rox council member. Hateful words were said, and the fight escalated. In rage, the former member gave everyone admin powers on a whim. Many members then continued to delete channels- months, or even years of memories. In a depressive rage, the former member was banned by Ciaran, and the Team Rox server was deleted. Many gloomy things took place, but Ciaran was eventually convinced the same night to create a new server.

This new server prompted the want for a new name- but what? A few trusted members of the former Team Rox gathered together to brainstorm. Novus Rox? Rox Corp? (That was a joke, I swear.) Many names were suggested, yet none seemed just right. After a long session of discussion, the name 'Team Triad' was decided. Why Team Triad? As explained by Ciaran, the number three has always had significance on Team Rox server. Three presidents, three colors, etc. Why not pay homage to that? This is also why Roxanne was renamed Trinity, and our symbol was changed to contain a star with three points.

However, let's not dwell. Team Triad held three art contests this year, to let the creativity of our members truly shine! Our first contest had the theme of space. In third place was Ciaran, with a depiction of himself in floating black space. In second came Flomino_, with a very adorable digital drawing of a confused astronaut. In first came a shy friend of Lilly's, with a beautiful traditional drawing of Ruby Rose (a character from RWBY, a well loved show on the server) floating in space. Our second contest was for Halloween! In third place came a cute pumpkin carving made by Lily. In second, came a pumpkin headed skeleton carrying a scythe, made by Tyler- a former member of Team Triad. In first, came ANOTHER skeleton carrying a scythe, drawn by Soap God! Our last art contest was Christmas themed. The third place winner was a simple pencil drawing of Team Rox Chan in a Mean Girls-like Mrs. Claus outfit, drawn by me, Danielle. In second came a serene pixel drawing of a Christmas tree, done by Mega. In first place was a spooky drawing of a dark monster creeping behind a mountain, watching a scene of festive destruction. This piece was drawn by Funk!

Team Rox has also become more tolerant of the LGBTQ+ community on the server. I, a queer person myself, am very proud of that. We have many people on our server who identify with a non-straight sexuality, and even a couple trans people- and they deserve to feel safe. Words like the fa- words have long been banned on the server. It's been a great 20-gay-teen, and we will have an even better 20-bi-teen!

Now- here are the generalities. We have implemented a new warning system, and have hardened our rules and security in order to keep Team Triad more safe.

Another note- around 1,000 messages were sent in just a day on the server! The best news? In the first 24 hours of the new server, we gained around 50 new members!

2018 had its ups and downs, but it isn't our job to only focus on the downs. Let's hope that 2019 will bring many great memories, many new friends, and much more success! Happy New Year!