By Ciarán Dakin-Watson

In a world where magic was once a recessive trait possessed by only those called Magjinn, after the biggest and bloodiest war in human history as well as the rise of the New World Order, magic has been outlawed and those yielding it's power have been hunted to near-extinction.

Magicide is an in-development role-playing game (RPG) that takes place fifteen years after the event known as the "Magicide" which was the systematic killing of all magic people. You play as Maya Masaki; an introverted bookworm who lives an ordinary and boring life, but after a shocking revelation she's roped into the biggest adventure of her life and finding out she's magic.

Joined by soon-to-meet friends, Magicide is a very choice driven game that really makes you think on your own morality and how the world will change based on your decisions. Every action you take will yield good or bad karma, but remember... the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Hey, even protagonists have disorganised closets!

Sometimes, there's not a "right" choice to make.

Magicide is still in very early development, so all is subject to change, but it's a massive passion project for me. If you would like to follow development, you can follow the devlog on our discord!!!

Fight powerful and epic monsters!

Meet interesting characters!

Meet the Cast!

"Well, there's nothing wrong with trying I guess. We'll probably look stupid though."

Maya Masaki, Cynical Introvert

An introverted 19-year-old who likes to think of herself as ordinary, however she couldn't be more wrong...

Growing up, Maya had zero friends, opting instead to keep to herself and read in peace. Maya loves books both, fiction & fact, the only thing she does more than reading is sleeping, as it's the perfect time to dream, creating her very own fantasy worlds.

Now in the present though, she's unemployed, still living with her dad- but she's content! She doesn't wish for a life of adventure, she just wants to lie back and read the newest selection of books, or procrastinate whether she should or should not get into photography.

Evelina Amare, Cheerful Companion

An easily excitable & equally wholesome 18-year-old, Evelina is bursting with ambition yet could she be hiding something?

Growing up in an age where Magic is completely outlawed, Evelina is fascinated with anything magical, going out of her way to adventure and discover the magic still left in the world... You could consider her a complete magiphile.

She might look adorable, but Evelina certainly packs a punch, armed with her trusty clockwork crossbow and her platinum petticoat as well trained in martial arts, underestimating her will surely leave you in a mess.

"Maybe it's a secret entrance!!! Let's break through it!"

"Aw yeah, I love me some fresh meat. "You guys are gonna love it here."

Rosilyn Crescent, Professional Prankster

Loud & Proud + 26-years-young, Rosilyn is ultimately a tomboy at heart though sometimes she's too loud for her own good.

Being a Magjinn, she's been forced to live in seclusion in the woods her whole life, which sucks for her because she loves company, luckily for her she isn't completely alone, as she lives with her girlfriend, who just happens to be her best friend.

Rosilyn loves playing pranks and practical jokes, she's not afraid to turn you into a cat or make your clothes two sizes bigger, and its for this reason she's become rather infamous to all travellers who pass through her secluded forest...

Turq Wise, Two-faced Asshole

A flamboyant fellow who's 23-years-of-age, Turq comes off as very rude, cynical and sometimes even childish.

Turq is part of an extremist organisation, fighting for his right to exist as a Magjinn. He doesn't have a limit to which lengths he'll go to fight for his cause, he'll lie, steal and cheat to survive.

Due to his treatment by the world, he is strongly prejudice against everyone who refuses to fight for his cause, you are either is ally or his enemy, and if you're his enemy then he will have no problem with ripping you limb from limb.

"Oh wow, You're no fun.

Do you always act like you've got your knickers in a twist or are you just an asshole who wants to see me suffer?"