What are "Triad Creators"?

“Triad Creators” are a program of selected content creators who will have their content shared and pinged on the Team Triad Discord server, home to hundreds of creative people and gamers who might be interested in it, allowing your content to be discovered by a new community of people and other content creators including their fans.

This alone might not sound too beneficial, but as we grow larger and larger it benefits all parties involved, as a “Triad Creator” you have little obligations to the title, you do not have to identify as a Triad Creator nor does it prevent you from joining other streamer/content creator groups.

By joining us, you’ll be introducing brand new communities and people to your content and every time a new person joins Triad Creators you will benefit to them joining as a percentage of people from that content creator’s fanbase and regulars will find out about Triad Creators through their creator and then find out about your content! If this all goes to plan, then Triad Creators will get consistent growth and while we’ll probably eventually heighten our requirements, those who joined before will benefit significant from the increased traffic, Team Triad already has a pre-established community those interested in video games, art and creativity, so even if Triad Creators doesn’t take off as planned you’ll still get some traffic and people discovering your content

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is CiaránPixelz, I'm a British content creator who's been making all sorts of stuff tracing back to 2012, but nowadays I make mostly gaming commentaries, somme live-action skits time-to-time and occasionally even machinimas.

Hello everyone, my name is John Parker 117 and I make videos typically on Paradox Interactive's Hearts of Iron 4, but I've done more such as reviews and such

Dr Pickle

Pickle that plays video games,, I post memes and clips sometimes.