What is Triad Creators?

Triad Creators is a program of select content creators incentivising shared growth, allowing their content to be discovered by entirely new communities and by other content creators, which also allows easier content creator collaboration, read more about Triad Creators at the bottom of the page with the FAQ.

Our Creators:

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Hello ladies and gentlemen I'm CiaránPixelz; I'm just your not-so-average British content creator, I primarily make videos on YouTube and on my channel you'll come to find I do quite the variety of content, from Minecraft to Devlogs and maybe even the occasional short film, I just about do anything, I'm a jack of all trades.

I believe a content creator should fully immerse himself with their community, and sadly not many content creators do that these days, But I pledge for as long as I physically can, I will dedicate myself to you, the viewer.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Triad Creators work?

By this, we assume you mean how we automate promoting our members content, and it's quite simple actually. We have an Discord channel on Team Triad, which is a creative & hobby discord server, this channel is for Triad Creators, and whenever any content whether it's a video, premiere, short or a stream, it's posted in that channel which is then pinged to a few hundred people and then it's automatically published to the Triad Creators text channels across all of our individual creators, if that's still a little confusing to you, in the image below you can see one of the Triad Creator channels on one of our creators individual discord servers.

What are the requirements of being a Triad Creator?

Luckily, there isn't much restrictions on becoming a Triad Creator, Here are the 5 simple requirements we use:

1. You have pre-established social media in which you create video content on a regular basis (YouTube or Twitch for example).

2. You do not make politically sensitive, discriminatory content or any content that could be seen as offensive towards a group of people.

3. Your content does not violate the TOS (Terms of Service) of the platform it’s on.

4. Your content must be decided by us that it meets good quality.

5. You have a discord server for or associated around your content creation (Although it doesn't have to be active)

If we think your content and branding is good enough, then you'll be made a ★Creator and get extra privileges, your own webpage on this website and be in the ★Creators section.

What's the difference between up-and-coming & Creators?

Up-and-coming is a role reserved for new, less-active or smaller content creators who have yet to reach their full potential, while ★Creators are the content creators we're most proud of, they're our top line-up of content creators, that really just give off that content creator energy!

How do I sign up to be a Triad Creator?