"Choosing destiny means you can never rise above it." - CiaránPixelz (I'm not full of myself or a philosopher, it's just something I said at like, 2am to myself in my head, and It really resonates with me + sounds cool)

Welcome to my creator page: a page where you can read and learn about me, not just as a content creator but as an individual! As you can see, I've customised this page to my own liking to really nail in that this is my page and I can do whatever I'd like with it!

Questions & Answers!

"Who are you supposed to be exactly?"

I'm Ciarán Dakin-Watson but online, people know me as CiaránPixelz; a name I've been using since 2015, I'm a british content creator who does a mix of gaming commentary, script-driven content and video skits/short films, all of which you can find on my YouTube channel above.

"What are your hobbies then?"

My hobbies are my greatest weakness because I find it hard to focus of them at the same time! With that being said, I have plenty of hobbies, almost of all them are very creative based, Acting is a big hobby of mine, and while I feel constricted to mostly voice acting nowadays, acting will always have a special place in my heart... and my YouTube channel. I also love writing stories, but instead of using convential pen and paper I use film and RPG development to make those stories come to life, more so than what you can do with simple pen and paper. I'm an also a big fan of geopolitics, photography & psychology!

"Have you got dreams?"

Unlike my standards, which are incredibly high, I tend to keep my dreams low and achievable before moving onto greater things. All I want is to have an active community of people that I can entertain and make happy. I truely believe that happiness is a metric we can value life and time by, and I will do anything to make people and myself happy! I feel as if my life serves a single purpose, to make people happy, and I feel the best way to make people happy is to entertain people and give them time to forget about their worries and stresses and to just sit back and relax, giving them the happiness they've been starved of.

A picture of yours truely, I used to wear that shirt a lot.

"But do you have a long tragic backstory or anything like that?"

Hm. What a weird way of phrasing such a question hypothetical enquirer, but no I'm not a fictional character, I'm a very real person. Born in 2003, in the lovely city of Norwich, I grew up a very isolated and secluded childhood, however thanks to the innovations of early 2010 internet, I found myself surrounded with friends spanning the continents, and facinated by content creators on YouTube.

As a kid I loved creativity and making stories and once I found out about there were websites where I could unleash my pent-up creativity... It was love at first sight! I made my first channel on New Year's Day 2012 when I was just 8 years old, called "legofanciaran"! This channel wasn't anything grand or even good by any standards, but inspired by lego stop-motion yet lacking any knowledge on how to do stop motion... It was a trainwreck, but it gave me motivation for my next few channels, eventually leading to "MrMarioSeries" (The same channel I use today!!!).

This channel originally started out as a "plushtuber", a term used to describe those who use plushies of licenced characters to make engaging story content. but eventually I dropped that completely, renamed myself a few times before settling on CiaránPixelz and began balancing gameplay and live-action content. CiaránPixelz as a channel has had it's ups and downs over the years, but it was at the beginning of 2021 where I rebooted the channel with a weekly schedule and I consider the new start of my channel!

"What's your favourite [ ]?"

To some people favourites are nothing more than conversation starters, but I think you can learn a lot by someone's favourite things, so here's some of them!

Favourite Colour?

Spoiler alert; It's not Red... (although red is my second favourite).

It's Black!
Did you know the first part of my name "Ciar" is the old Irish word meaning "black"!

Favourite Fruit?


Favourite Video Game?


I fell in love with it instantly when I first bought the game in 2012. I was a massive lego fan in my childhood so Minecraft hit close to home for me.

Favourite Show?


It's the webshow created by the late Mouty Oum & Rooster Teeth, which depending on who you talk with, it's either an anime or anime inspired. Overall while it may be heavily criticised for it's writing, I think a really good show!