Hello everyone! My Name is John Parker 117 and welcome to my creator page. As the co-founder of Triad Creators, I guess I should tell you a bit about myself.

Who am I?

My name is John William Parker, born and raised in the sunny Appalachians of North Carolina. I first took up youtube in 2016, where I made… questionable content we won't go into. And after 2 more channels, we arrive here in 2021. My new channel, John Parker 117!

That's pretty much all I'm gonna say here, but if you want a more detailed look into who John Parker is, look no further than the best video I've ever made!

What to expect on the John Parker 117 YouTube Channel.

I strive to create a funny, entertaining and chill experience with any video I make, whether that be Paradox Interactive's Hearts Of Iron 4, Cuphead, or just having a good time with friends. I've created a friendly and healthy community that resides in my discord server, so come on down! We would love to see you there!


Q: Why The Stickman?

A: I'm bad at drawing, and then It grew on me.

Q: Is your name a HALO reference?

A: No, I promise, it's a coincidence. It was while writing this that I discovered master chief wasn't from DOOM.

Q: Why Shouldn't I Search “John Parker” in YouTube without the 117?

A: Because that's not me, and you would be missing out on quality content!

Q: You got a Dream?

A: I had one, but now I'm doing YouTube.

Q: What's your biggest fear

A: Being forgotten. That's why you have to remember me, alright?

Make a shrine to me if that's how you get your kicks, I don't care.

Q: Can I be in your video/can you play my hoi4 mod/can you do my video suggestion?

A: Probably Not/Only if I think it looks cool/only if its not shit.

Q: What's your favorite Hoi4 Mod?

A: L’Empereur, followed closely by The John Parker 117 mod that doesn't exist (sad)

Q: What's your greatest achievement?

A: I hold multiple Speed-running world records in angry birds

Every War In History was originally a project started in late 2020 by John Parker where using a Wikipedia page, we make one video for every single war that's ever happened in history! This is a very ambitious project, so please subscribe so you can follow John's journey through history, and maybe learn a thing or two as well.